Olodum – The Drums of Bahia

The mighty Olodum. One of the big names in Bahia is the theme of this week….


Cook of the week – Moqueca De Peixe

South America’s largest country is set to be the next big thing, says David Prior, for its vibrant cuisine as well as its sport, samba and beaches. This vibrant moqueca, a thick seafood stew, hails from Bahia, the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture in the country’s north-east…

The History of Carnaval – Part.1

When the year starts and after all celebrations, everybody gets ready to the 365 days ahead. Work, school, holiday trips, new house, new car…

I don’t think so….
It still party time, why?
Because is coming the…


Cavaquinho and its history

Small, easy to carry, fewer strings and a beautiful sound. Present in any Samba circle, the Cavaquinho, along with the 7-strings or 6-strings guitar and the Banjo, is the leader of Samba’s harmony. I have been playing Cavaquinho since I was 11 years old and honestly, I have never looked up to its history. But now I have encountered some really good information about it….